Southwest Gas Corporation

Nevada, Arizona, and California
425,000 sq ft of new office space
Master Planning, Design, and Construction Services

In 1976, we were selected through a design competition to be the architect for an 80,000 sq ft three-story building to be added to the Southwest Gas Corporations headquarters in Las Vegas. This building was revolutionary at the time in the energy efficiency of its design. One story was located below grade to minimize external heat gain while daylighting was provided to this floor level by interior skylights and lightwells through the two floors above.

The building shape, being nearly square, minimized heat gain with the least amount of exterior skin and with the most amount of interior volume. For the upper two floors, large roof overhangs shaded the exterior windows to reduce internal heat gain while still allowing daylight into the perimeter spaces, thus reducing heat gain from internal artificial lighting. Energy efficient building materials and systems were utilized with computerized energy management systems.

In 1987, we completed the campus Master Plan with the design of another three-story, 75,000 sq ft office building in Las Vegas. The building contains an 8,000 sq ft data center, film production studio and large assembly room. The total building area on this headquarters campus is 215,000 sq ft of office space.

Additionally, we have designed office renovations and new administrative office buildings for Southwest Gas Corporation in Arizona; 210,000 sq ft of space plus, an operations center in Truckee, California.

Awards: Nevada Silver Award for Design awarded by Nevada Landscape Architects; City of Tempe Award for Beautification